Lucid is the word that best describes the feeling that we all experience occasionally - when we're performing at our highest mental state, demonstrating our full creative potential. It's a key element of "peak performance", and it can lead to some truly magic moments. It's when we're the most effective.

Tools are also about effectiveness, and productivity. And, everyone knows that having the right tool for the job can make a great difference. But, the very best tools are not just "right for the job", they are also examples of fine craftsmanship - designed and constructed with great care.

At LucidTools Software, this is our passion: to create finely-crafted software tools that spark your imagination, helping you to reach new levels of creativity and effectiveness. As a professional, you've worked hard to develop your skill set, and to master your technique. Our goals are to build software that flawlessly supports these efforts, and to help you visualize completely new possibilities. We believe that inspired software can help make magic moments possible.

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Our first product is called SBTools, and it represents our "signature product". It's a visualization tool that assists with the "storyboarding" of creative productions. Examples include motion pictures, documentaries, commercials, and advertising campaigns. But, SBTools is really designed for anyone with a great story to tell. You don't have to be the next Steven Speilberg or Alfred Hitchcock to appreciate its value.

This product will be available soon in a Starter Edition format. For more information, click here.

Starter Editions are designed to provide a modest set of core features, often at a much lower price. The product will also be available in a Professional Edition format. Professional Editions are customized to meet specific needs in a given industry segment. They also include a much broader set of features. The first Professional Edition will target the Motion Picture industry, and is expected to be available by the end of the year.


Our first priority will always be shipping great software products. But, we also build components for other companies, and perform consulting and services work from time to time. We enjoy working with other companies that have a strong vision for their products, an appreciation for quality, and a good sense of the value that they provide to their customers. So, if you're doing some interesting work and you think we can help - give us a call !

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"As I understand it, the imagination does not guide the hand, but is led by the hand when we have forgotten ourselves in the application of some craft. Once each stage of invention is committed to some substantial form, it is like a mirror revealing the imagination to itself. Suddenly, things we did not see before become clear, or new possibilities emerge, and there is new material to work with. This twofold experience of imagining through craft, and the revelation at what has been created, is my understanding of visualization." -- Steven D. Katz, Film directing shot by shot : visualizing from concept to screen, Copyright 1991 by Michael Wiese Productions

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